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I love people, really, but not random people lurking around. That is just a little creepy. Please leave a comment here so that I know who you are, and I will add you back, most likely. (Of course it would also be a beautiful thing if we had things in common.)

And, to top things off, you might already know me from my livejournal or my writing journal or maybe even my twitter. What can I say, I get around.
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TO MY DEAREST, DARLING [personal profile] aeslis:

Girl you are so fine. I love you lots and lots, to the ends of all the earths and back again. What would I do without you? Who would prod me to write? Who would give me sexy ideas? Who would fantasize with me about Nino in bed? Who would break into strange-yet-fascinating Arashi meta discussions with me? Who would I spaz with on gtalk about absolutely nothing? Who would catch my psychic!Ninos? NO ONE, THAT IS WHO.

YOU ARE A YEAR OLDER, A YEAR WISER. I don't know why that's in caps lock, or even why I chose to say that. My brain is all frazzled--college does that to you. I'm slowly learning that concept. But anyway: happy birthday! You deserve a sparkly cake, Nino smiling coquettishly on your couch, and a drabble (that is not actually a per se drabble, as you will see).

So here you go! It's Aiba/Jun and filled with a ridiculous amount of fluff just for youuuu.

sleep. now. )

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I made use of one of my invite codes and created a DW fic archive, [personal profile] milesofspace! I'll update both fic comms from now on, so if you are more DW-oriented, then feel free to add me there. Right now there's only a fic index, so it is kind of empty, but...it will beef up in time. :)
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FUCK GUYS I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PV, it's a little frightening. ♥ ♥ ♥ I don't usually do this, but this is a special occasion because...um, look at them. Plus, ballad. And I love the style, it reminds me of the snapshots in Otsuka Ai's Renai Shashin and the only reason I play that song so much is because the PV hooked me.

I'm ready for the regular version. I'm ready to pounce on it. C'MON.

O-okay. Back to life. (I had baccalaureate mass tonight, and I thought I was going to faint halfway through...those robes are not comfy.)
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I went to a very mysterious student recognition ceremony tonight. I only say "mysterious" because you only knew if you were invited to go via snail mail, and even then it was just a "HELLO. YOU COME TO THIS. YOU'RE SPECIAL" kind of letter deal; they wouldn't tell you exactly what you were being recognized for. So basically we all showed up confused...which is kind of the way we showed up on regular days anyway. Turns out I was invited for the writing awards and also for Mock Trial. Apparently we placed 17th out of 100+ schools in North Carolina.

FIERCE. (I will never say that again.)

And then I persuaded my mother that Japanese was obviously the way to celebrate for this kind of thing, so we had sashimi and tempura and now I am basically a really fat balloon lying in bed. Feels good. Feels great, guys.

But really, I just want you to do this meme because it excites me. :D

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I said that this journal is locked but that's kind of a lie. Until I figure out the whys and hows of DreamWidth, most of the posts here will probably remain public. If you ask for a reason, don't expect one...I really don't think there is one. I'm just being difficult (to myself. Way to go, Melissa).

So for now, my DW (wow that sounds like I have grown some extra appendage) is still in that sticky in-between phase, you know, where I don't really know what I'm going to use it for. I may or may not crosspost since I can see how annoying that might get...or I might crosspost some things. I still have to figure out how to do that, anyway. The question also remains as to whether I will move my fic journal onto here, too, but I don't think that will happen anytime in the near future. Singability is still a baby, after all. So all new fic will be posted there, as per usual.

Sleep now! Three hour naps during the day can't hold me through the night anymore. Sadness. :(
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Momentous occasion because

a) Sho is 27, and it is not hard to be happy about that
b) I finished a fic.

Hot damn. Everyone pull out the party crackers! This is the Sho/Jun baby that I started back in...October, was it? When stat was still easy so I typed up my section 1.2 stat notes, printed them out, and started a fic underneath all the definitions. Yeah, that's why I do my homework at the last minute.

title: time to run
pairing: Sho/Jun
rating: R
notes: High School!AU. :))
summary: Sho is happiest watching Jun run. (Or, what do you get when you put Jun on the track team and give Sho a pair of well-trained eyes? Then throw in a homework session at the Aiba household. Oh yeah.)

the way it feels when he runs by you )
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  • 21:46 rest in peace randy rivera. <3 いつもありがとうね。 #

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Happy birthday, my darling Junnosuke. Sometimes I wish the term 'Jun-baited' applied to my personal fandom situation, but I used to think you were A Total Girly Man, mainly because I first saw you on the reverse side of a Yamapi poster. And you were wearing sparkly eyeshadow and your hair looked like it was jealous of Shirley Temple's, and the background was lilac and you were wearing fluffy cashmere. So yeah, I didn't give you a second thought. I went back to the Pi side.

But that's all in the past (even though every time I see that poster I still laugh), and now I love you, alot, even though your hair is in a constant state of metamorphasis. I think I love you the most when you are Miss Bitch, because your eyebrows go funny and you get this look on your face that screams, "Girl, oh NO you diiiiiiiiin't!" and that makes me laugh, or I think maybe I love you the most when you're with Aiba, because it's very cute when you think he's stupid. Or your 'MAJI DE?' moments, or your giggles, or your 'I-can't-believe-I'm-doing-this' faces, or your 'Girl, I am SO HOT, I am a SEX GOD' faces, because those are hilarious. I love them all.

And, okay, sometimes you look hot. But most of the time I just wanna pinch your cheeks really hard until you throw me across the room and give you an A- for effort.

So instead of going on about how you are a special boy in my heart, I channeled it through Aiba by writing ~fic~. I know it's supposed to be porn because I initially promised (who? answer: myself) that I would write birthday porn for each of Arashi on their special days, but the PWP I was writing and planning to use today-- the Sho/Jun used-to-be-my-math-notes one--has spiraled out of my control. Instead, I wrote something else that is not sexy, but sappy. OH WELL. So you get your cake here, but you have to eat it somewhere else.

There's no title, and it's sort of Aiba/Jun, Jun/Arashi, Aiba/Arashi and Arashi/Arashi all in one, however vague each one may turn out to be in the fic. Whatever it really is, it's definitely sappy enough to melt all 32 (or if you got four pulled like I did, then 28) of your teeth. :D  :D More summary: late-night voicemails, Aiba is probably crying, mention of Jun's 20th birthday, and Ohno says inappropriate things to the cheese.

eat the cheese, don't throw it at me--hey! )

Tomorrow I'll be in Charlotte until Sunday night, so when I get back maybe I'll have recuperated enough to talk about school and life and the horrible college application process--and my new friend who is a sweetie, and also Jack McFarland. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.
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Firstly, I thought this wasn't happening until Wednesday, but no, it's the 17th, not the 18th, and as my computer clock tells me it is Tuesday in Japan already. (Yeah, my computer is still on Japan time.) So, because I am a complete dork and have no shame, here we go:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the now 25-year-old Kazunari "I Like Hamburger--Gyoza, What's That?" Ninomiya, EVEN THOUGH HE STILL LOOKS NOT A DAY OVER SIXTEEN. But I love love love love LOVE him anyway--let no one deny that I like my boys just a little on the skinny side. (Say it with me: tall and lanky, TALL AND LANKY. Or at least fairly tall and lanky.)

And just in case you're feeling a little like a pedophile, have some medicinal Ohmiya to counterbalance: one, two, three, four.

MORE LOVE: this is what I like waking up to, shake it!; not only did he write this song, he also committed a mass burglary of hearts at the end; OKOGE NO SUUU-PUUU, supu de okoge! and manly Nino kissin' boys and frocliking on a pretend beach.

I am not good at finding links. My stamina level is very low, even for my favorite JE boy. Oh, life.

BUT ACTUALLY, there is more than just self-gratuitous picspam--there is fic. To be more precise, there is porn. Oh my. I was really intending to finish the monstrous Ohmiya fic by--well, by the time Nino's birthday rolled around, but obviously so much for that. So, to fix this situation, I wrote porn instead. No, really, it was that easy!

This is unbeta'd, even though I read it through once or twice (whilst blushing all the while) for grammar and spelling errors, and also things that make me cringe, although there still may be alot of those.

title: clockwork (or, the untitled nino birthday fic PWP)
pairing: Ohmiya
summary: There's a clock on Ohno's wall, right across from his bed. (Also in this one, Ohno is a machine, Nino doesn't know the limits of his own body, and there are puppies and Aiba/Jun. Who's on crack, now?)
rating: R

how long--?  )
And that concludes my spastic birthday post for Nino--if you never come back to my journal, I completely understand. :D REAL POST TOMORROW.



Jun. 12th, 2008 10:39 am
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I seem to have written fic.

It's been a LOONG time, folks, but I suppose now that it's summer my writing gland wants to partay it up. Not only do I have two fics in the making (one in planning stages (a collab) and the other, an Ohmiya, a whopping 13 pages already), but I'm writing a short story that's not even close to being done at 20 pages. This is all Word, folks, 12 pt Times. And it's not like I started them in March and am picking them up again--I started the Ohmiya yesterday and the short story a few weeks ago. I never write thirteen pages in two days. I usually don't even write things that are thirteen pages, let alone twenty, single-spaced.

I have officially exploded.

Anyhow, I know you all came here for the fic, but since you're going to read that anyway I decided to ramble a bit. :)

title: Charmed (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE TV SHOW. I wanted to name it 'Third Time's the Charm,' but [profile] whyjennifer  already has a fic named that, and I know it doesn't really matter but IT DOES TO ME. D:)
pairing: Koyato, a touch of RyoPi
genre: Y'all are mature. PG.
summary: It might have begun with a game of spin the bottle mixed with truth or dare--Shige doesn't really remember.
notes: This is, first and foremost, REALLY LATE ~*~*BIRTHDAY FIC*~*~ fic for [profile] saturnial  , who had requested, on her birthday spam post, comment spam and/or comment fic. But I was super duper late so I decided to make up for it by writing her this monstrous thing (that includes, on her vague request, 'Koyato fluff, awkward and inefficient, with Pi and Ryo on the side') that may merge on badfic (not kidding). However it is love- and fun-filled, I assure you of that. <333


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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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LAST ONE. This baby is actually slowing down my computer. Oi.

And, from November 1st - 30th, 2006, this is what I made of National Novel Writing Month.



Yes. Promise. :)))
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WHAT. There is actually a word limit to LJ entries? Oh, the things I don't know!


On to Part III, then.


Nov. 12th, 2007 07:21 pm
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(A happy late birthday to Tegonyan. You're twenty, baby, and legal, I guess--but in my heart you'll always be a fresh nineteen. Purr!)

On NaNo 2006:

I just realized that I did promise one or two of you that I would post my NaNo novel up. And seeing that it is a year later and I still haven't done it, I suppose now would be a good time. :) I thought I'd lost it, actually--it was on my thumb drive, and I left that in school last year, never to be found again--but it just showed up in My Documents and bam. It happened to be the updated version, the one last left on my late USB.

I love life.

This beast managed to reach 24,880 words and 43 pages, 12pt font, Times New Roman. Reading back on some bits, I think I'll finish it, just for the sake of the lovely whore I have created within its pages. Purchase is a doll. I'd be her best friend.

And so, the monster sleeps under the cut.

Yeah, I did just say 'the monster sleeps under the cut.'

(All typos, grammatical errors, and weird plot devices so mine. Also, all italics have gone missing in the transition from Word to LJ. Sorry about that, but please guess where they would go. *bows*)

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In the Smithsonian sculpture garden there is a tree. It's a wish tree, put there by Yoko Ono, and with the pencils and paper provided you can write as many wishes as you want and hang them on the tree. When the tree gets full, all the wishes are taken off and sent to Yoko Ono so she can use them (in what way I don't know) for the peace park that she is making.

I'm a sucker for things like this. I used about 5 pieces to write down things that may seem silly but in all honesty are what I really want, in this little heart of mine. 



Jul. 4th, 2007 10:44 am
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] gun_powder_tea !
Well I didn't think I'd be able to call you today, and I knew you'd get on LJ sometime so HERE IT IS. I DID NOT FORGET YOUR BIRTHDAY! (Incidentally it coincides with my friend's boyfriend's birthday, as well.) We can watch Ratasd;lfkds;lk if you want but we have to figure out when. AND THEN WE CAN WATCH HARRY POTTER EEEEEEEE!! But that is not until...well seven days from now. A WEEK FROM NOW OH GOD!

I have a pressie for you! But you won't be able to get it until we see each other. (The suspense!)


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Finally. God, I hate electronics.

title: Variations on Violet
rating: PG
summary: In a single month, Violetta counts sixteen variations on a common theme (Violetta).

This is what's bringing me to New York. Bareback and all. Er. Maybe I'm not quite using the right phrase. Whatever, I just slept for five hours, I's good.

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I went to my friend's band concert today. It was part of the American-Japanese Friends Festival or summat like that, and we'd all gone to crowd round our clarinet-flinging and trumpet-bashing friends. Well it was all fun and games and Japanese kids kicking our ass, naturally, but the best part is that



I WAS LIKE PHWAOR OMG MUST MARRY ALL OF THEM NOW. And it was the only school with a bass player and he was so cute and rockin' all out to all the songs and SEISHUN AMIGO EEEEEEE. I sang along, and would have danced, too, if I'd known the entire thing.


Video later.

ETA: AND NOW. West Ainoura Elementary School kickin' buttaaa by playing Seishun Amigo, which the announcer described as 'famous from television' (and in my head I went, 'FAMOUS!? *XPLODES*'). I'm also talking with Joe in the background (about nothing), so if you're the sort of person that detests people who talk during filming, I DARE YOU TO HATE ME. Nah, actually, I'm not really fond of them either. But oh well.

LINK, google doesn't embed: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6857161171978569625

ETA 2: I haven't even finished the first episode yet but I already know that 1 Litre of Tears will successfully kill me dead sixteen different ways and back again. CRAP WHYYYY AM I SUCH A HOPELESS ROMANTIC ASDKJALJ

angry! =D

May. 7th, 2007 11:06 pm
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title: What Didn't Happen/[profile] augustfai's Self-Introduction to RyoDa
rating: asdkj not pron
summary: "None of that happened, though," is what Ueda recalls telling the rest of KAT-TUN later. YA RIGHT UEBO! (11:17 PM and I'm sticking to my summary, folks.)
notes: Come on, now. In my mind Ueda has always been a little minx.

...OH, NO.

title: Five Names Ryo Calls Ueda (While They're Having Sex)
pairing: oh gawd
rating: pron, shit
summary: "You're on the bottom because I don't want to see any fucking fairies."
notes: *whimpers* Un-beta'd, and it's 11:53 and I'm tired so. Errors, yay!


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