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oh when?

a stray canary had fluttered into her house and mine.

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Birthdate:Dec 16
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
I'm Melissa. Somewhere, in some other journal land, I'm known as August Fai (augustfai). I write. And read. Once I liked to pretend that I could do both of those things in French, but now I just stick to Japanese (and English, of course). I feel confined in shoes and I like to wear dresses. I love to laugh--I love alot of things, actually. So my heart is pretty roomy, to accommodate.

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actually liking koyama, ai nante, aiba is very danger, amelie, chai tea lattes, cityscapes, fandom, fretting, harry potter, heartwrench, house, is it porn, japan, jason mraz, je makes you bankrupt, jpop, jun-jun, language, le petite prince, living in a bookstore, long-distance conference calls, love in my soul soul, manga, moments of any kind, my love is forever, nino's kitten smile, noah is a cowboy pirate, nodame cantabile, oh no ohno, ohmiya at the speed of light, one hundred yen plate sashimi, overanalyzation, pearls before swine, poetry, pomegranates, run-on sentences, sakurai zero kun, shinjiru koto ga subete, singing dancing news, sparkly rainbow bands, sweet tea, tea, the 2007 car rant about islands, tracking down lemony snicket, traveling, umbrellas, violins named viola,
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